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Who We Are, licensed and operated by Digi Brokerage, is a Canada wide condo search platform. In an ever changing and digitizing world, Digi Brokerage utilizes to provide innovative and consumer focused real estate brokerage services to their clients and customers.

Bells & Whistles Of Being A Dork

Condo Square Footage
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Condo Square Footage
Search by condo size and get square footage data.
Proprietary Deal Meter
We've curated a custom deal meter, offering insights on the worst and best deals.
Listing Notifications
Set up building alerts and receive instant emails with matching listings.
Listing Sales Insights
Find Canada wide condo data on each listing, building and neighbourhood.

For Everyone

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Search By Size
Filter your condo search by selecting a square footage range size.
Proprietary Building Ranking
We've curated a custom building ranking list, allowing you to explore buildings by rank.
Search By Style
Filter your search by building style: Low-Rise, High-rise, loft and more.