DigiRealty Technologies, we are all about DATA! Data delivered to users in real-time and data that is smart, elastic, high value, predictive and profile relevant.

Today’s consumer craves an intuitive and dynamic search that is packed with value and live data right at their fingertips. We are trying to solve a pervasive issue of our time. From a top-down level, industries are having a hard time banding together to create meaningful platforms. From a bottom-up level, industry practitioners do not have the resources/will to build an industry-wide solution.

DigiRealty.com pairs our state of the art map-based search with ETL driven server-side DB vector overlays. This allows us to aggregate and automate property valuations in a very tight, lightweight and scalable format as well as gaining precision insight into user sessions in real-time.

Our pairing of geomatics and vector science with real estate data and real-time user journey analytics form part of our growing teams edge on route to delivering state of the art commercial-grade real estate products to our clients. We are hoping to solve the chicken or egg debate of driving traffic from a standing start by delivering meaningful industry solutions to our B2B customers on top of our strong foundation of data logic, continuously delivering our users (B2C – non paying) with real-time insights (tailored to their journey in real-time) and digesting, profiling and reporting this information in a meaningful way.

Our goal is to consistently improve our USER to SIGNED IN USER ratio. We intended to earn these sign-ins by providing users with a level of real-time insights so on point to their search it would seem as though an agent were ‘standing in the room and looking over their shoulder’.

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